Lush by K.D. Elizabeth

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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An ARC copy of this book was provided to me in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts are my own.

Lush turned out to be so much more than I expected. I’ve already come to love K.D. Elizabeth’s ability to tell a story, but this one really took me by surprise. Firstly, Lush is the fourth book in a series that started way back in 2019 and is kind of going through a revival, which I hadn’t realized while I was reading Lush. It was only after I had finished it and was looking at reviews, which I always wait to look at until after I’ve read something, when I realized it had three other books before it.

“Whooo boy. This presentation is going to be ten thousand times better than anticipated. I haven’t had this much fun in months. I might have to see just how much innuendo I can slip into this conversation before Jude completely blow a gasket.”

Lush by K.D. Elizabeth

I want to start this review by complimenting the author on how well the story line flows as well as how quickly she captivated me as a reader into the lives of the main characters Nathan King and Jude Shaw. Within a chapter I was already invested and placing bets mentally on how this was all going to play out. I’ll tell you in retrospect I was wrong, which is another reason her writing ability astounded me. Writing a story that not only captures you from the first chapter but continues to unfold in ways you don’t see coming allows you to really get lost in the story itself.

Now onto discussing the plot and characters. This is a story about the small town of Ovid, Georgia where the King brothers live. One of the brothers, Nathan King is developing a new bourbon and wants to launch his own drink that he’s designed and been making in secret for a while now. He’s set up a meeting with one of the biggest distributors around and he’s ready to go. But a one night fling between two strangers turns out to be none only then the woman there for their partnership meeting. YIKES!

But no worries, they’re both professionals with an incredible level of heat between them so they agree that they can manage their attractions, have some fun AND continue working together. But things quickly get complicated and there are a lot of feelings involved by this point. You’ll get to meet the entire King family and intimately get to know what they’re all about as well as how important family is to these guys.

Jude on the other hand, brings a completely different perspective to the table coming from a wealthy and emotionally distant family that treats her absurdly. Let’s just say that many of these dynamics play a huge role in the whole story development and it gets INTENSE as the story goes on.

“Well, well, well if it isn’t the mystery woman, herself. I had quite the delectable dream about you last night. You were wearing the most delightful cowboy hat – and nothing else. Exquisite.”

Lush by K.D. Elizabeth

Let’s talk a little about the HEAT level in this one because I’d say it’s a 5/5 for heat. There are lots of interactions and they’re all unique and purposeful. I’ve read a lot of romance novels where the heated interactions can be overdone or unnecessary in certain parts of the story where they take place, but K.D. Elizabeth has really mastered this technique of placing lots of sexual tension and building it up without it being a barrier or leaving you wanting for more. Scenes are peppered throughout the entire story and are completely relevant to the story at that point in time. Plus they’re incredibly HOT! I mean, Nathan and Jude are like #partnergoals for their ability to both take charge, enjoy themselves and even act out their own fantasies!

Available March 27th everywhere and I highly recommend this one for fans of heated romance with a deeply engaging story line!

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