Spotlight: Not His Type by Lisa J. Crane

For Romance Week, we have a spotlight today on ‘Not His Type’ by Lisa J. Crane.

Title: Not His Type

Author: Lisa J. Crane

Released: March, 2014

Links: Goodreads | Amazon

Not His Type (Opposites Attract Book 1) by [Crane, Lisa]

A young woman whose life is in shambles

A man whose life is dictated by order

An accident that throws them together

A deception that tears them apart

An epic Christmas plan that will bring their hearts full circle

Brooke and Travis are about as opposite as two people can be, and yet, Travis finds himself drawn to his neighbor. She’s nothing like any woman he’s ever dated, and he tells himself she’s like a little sister. But if that’s true, why can’t he stop kissing her?

Brooke believes Travis is out of her league, but time and again, he shows up on her doorstep, at her job … in her thoughts. Part of her wishes he’d find another charity case to worry about.

When a friend’s scheme to make Travis jealous blows up and fails miserably, Brooke is left devastated. Travis is angry and humiliated … until he realizes how much he misses his cute little neighbor.

Can a secret plan bring her back into his life? Forever?

About the Author:Lisa J. Crane

Lisa Crane refers to herself as “a nerd, wrapped in romance, and coated in chocolate” (because who doesn’t like romance and chocolate?). Born and raised in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, Lisa lives in Euless, Texas, with her wonderful husband and two incredible children. She also shares her home with Jingles Wigglebottom (the wonderdog), Cash (the amazing and entertaining chiweenie) and Socks and Antoinette (cats extraordinaire). After years of being told, “You should write for a living!”, that’s exactly what she’s doing! Lisa is a Christian who believes God has a plan and a path for each of us, if we only ask for His guidance and follow it.

Starting with her first self-publication, a collection of holiday romances called “Seasons of Love”, Lisa began what she hopes will be a continuing journey. Lisa wants to use her God-given talent for the written word to entertain, to enlighten, and to encourage her readers.

In addition to various short stories and novellas, Lisa has two series: her McKenna’s Haven series consists of six books, and her Opposites Attract series currently has two books in it. Lisa is currently working on the several exciting projects. Keep watching for more of Lisa’s characters to find the answers they seek, the answers which can only be found in God.

Lisa LOVES to hear from readers with questions or comments. You can email her at You may also connect with her on Facebook under the name Lisa Miller Crane, Twitter, under the name @happyheart1993, or Instagram under @happyheart1993. Lisa is also on Goodreads, where she writes a (hopefully) weekly blog. Really, she loves to hear from readers. Feel free to friend her, tag her, tweet her, whatever!

Happy reading!

Contact Lisa: Lisa on Amazon | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook




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