Fiction Friday – Fantasy Writing

Fire Breather – Part 2

Read Part 1 HERE

All the sound has drained from her surroundings and the only thing she could hear was her own labored breathing. Slowly, she pulled herself up to sitting and opened her eyes. Surrounding her was complete darkness. A cave of some kind? There was a light flickering in the distance and she could hear voices.

Slowly standing up and brushing off her tattered dress, she tried to look around. Did the transition not go through? Am I in a dream walking state? Unsure of where she was or why, she determined that her only option was to follow the voices and the flickering light she could make out.

old stone steps in salt mine
Photo by Julia Volk on

When she came to the end of the long hall, there was a hooded figure sitting in the middle of a cavernous room. Torches were lighting a few areas of the wall around him and he seemed to be chanting something. A steaming metal pot was laid out in front of him surrounded by various plants. Walking carefully closer to him, she sat cross legged on his opposite side and watched as he continued chanting. She barely recognized the latin he was speaking because it was such an old version, but his voice was getting heavier and angrier as he went on.

He must be one of the ancient Fire Breather mages. I remember my mother telling me about them and how their whole life is devoted to serving the next generation of Breathers through their transitions. But why am I here now?

At that moment, his eyes opened. Glazed over and staring into the distance. HIs voice had changed and he was now speaking to her. “The fire burns inside you, yet you fear to wield it. This will be the destruction of us all.”

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