The Christmas Cadeau by K.D. Elizabeth

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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For me, the holidays have always been about spending time with family and those important moments where we reconnect and remember why we all love each other so much. Sitting around together eating a meal, sharing and opening thoughtful gifts for one another, and just sharing in the time spent together.

Continuing on my holiday reading journey with another amazing read., this one is a 6 chapter novella and is the introduction to K.D. Elizabeth’s ‘The Bright Series’.

The Christmas Cadeau hit all those spots for me with it’s emphasis on the importance of family through Laure’s holiday experiences. Laure is the main female character and she does every big event with her family because they’re all so close to one another. Max is her boyfriend and really hasn’t had much family so it sometimes overwhelms him but he loves it all the same.

Max and Laure are two incredibly real characters that are navigating legitimate relationship issues. I’m usually not a fan of such short books because it can be incredibly difficult to condense feelings, emotions and the writing of that into such a small window. However, K.D. did so well focusing on a very specific situation that everything involved got all the attention it deserved to make it feel fulfilling in a way that novellas can really struggle with.

“Christ, I could have lost her. How that puts things in perspective. Both of us could have died last night. By some miracle, we didn’t. I’m not going to waste any more time trying to make our relationship perfect. I’m just going to live it.”

The Christmas Cadeau, K.D. Elizabeth

Each character shows their flaws and finds ways to address them whether through self-reflection or by having it out with the person they are upset with. This is the epitome of relationships and what drives romance novels to be inspirational and motivating – or not. K.D. keeps this story real and uses characters that have real struggles.

I loved this one and I’m looking forward to reading the next one in this series!

About K.D. Elizabeth

K.D. Elizabeth is the owner of the popular Bookified Etsy store, which sells love letters from fictional characters to customers all over the world. She splits her time between Pennsylvania and New Hampshire (which has the best lobstah rolls EVER) and has traveled to over twenty countries.

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