A Different Kind of Rock Star Romance

Are you a fan of Rock-Star romances? I’ve read quite a few in the last few years and most of them focus on the band and music dynamic. Sometimes revolving around band mates and jealousy issues or a specific band member trying to write a song and needing inspiration that only a love interest can provide.

One of my favorite authors of 2020 is about to release her latest novel titled “Tell Me When It’s Over” and her signature writing style is all about the emotional angst. This book is proving to be another amazing example of what he writing brings to the world.

In this story, we have a family that has been raised in the music industry and the two children became music sensations at a very young age. Their father pushed them into it and in some ways they resent him for it along with his inability to stay faithful to their own mother who left them a while back.

Then one day a woman hard on her luck and unable to care for herself and her daughter any longer due to the mother’s own vices. arrive at their home to announce that this 12 year old girl is his daughter as a result of some affair they had a long time ago.

Regardless of all these dynamics, the three children end up building a sibling relationship for a few years until it comes out that she is not in fact his daughter but that it was all lies. There is a connection between the one son and this girl that has now been out casted as not really his sister after only a few years of knowing each other and they all went their separate ways once the truth was revealed.

You can already see how this greatly differs from other rock star romances in the book industry. There is not a heavy emphasis on the music or the stardom elements, but focuses on the family and emotional dynamics at heart. This is what I love so much about Celeste’s books, all of them, focus on people. Their growth; their challenges and most importantly how they overcome those hurdles and find what they really want in life. All of her work is emotionally inspirational and makes you focus hard topics, even some that might make certain readers uncomfortable. But she always puts you back together and her characters are ten times better for it.

I’m still reading this one and looking forward to the rest of the journey Celeste has for me! It released officially on November 5th, but you can pre-order it now and be ready to read it on the release day!

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About B. Celeste

B. Celeste

B. Celeste’s obsession with all things forbidden and taboo enabled her to pave a path into a new world of raw, real, emotional romance.

Her debut novel is The Truth about Heartbreak.

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