Own The Eights Maybe Baby by Krista Sandor

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

This was my very first introduction to Sandor’s writing and this series is one I wish I had found much sooner. Georgie and Jordan are adorable as can be! I love the quick-witted humor and the easy way these two characters get along. While this was certainly my kind of romantic comedy, it wasn’t without it’s own brand of stress and anxiety too.

Georgie and Jordan have had a very fast-paced relationship. Meeting like 5 or 6 months ago as rivals, they quickly found they were actually perfect for each other and were whisked into marriage after only a few short months together. Now, right after their honey mood, they’ve found out they’re having a baby and neither of them knows a darn thing about how to care for a baby.

Not only will you love the steamy, hot relationship between these two, but you will also enjoy the humorous ride of all the inside jokes to be had between them and their family and friends. This book can be read as a stand-alone, but it reads so much better when you have read the ones that come before it. You’ll get to know their entire back story and how they ended up together and in the position they are in now.

Sandor does an amazing job weaving humor seamlessly into the lives of these characters and I wouldn’t be able to imagine their dynamic in any other way. One of my favorite scenes is in the beginning when they go to the OBGYN to confirm their pregnancy and Jordon is assaulted in the waiting room by a toddler! It brings to mind all of the fun antics I have had as a mother of three young kids and how much you can never really prepare for what it’s like to be a parent.

Blogger sensations Georgie Jensen and Jordan Marks have plans.

Big plans.

They’re poised to take over the blogosphere as the world’s top blogging sweethearts until a positive pregnancy test changes everything. Make that twelve positive pregnancy tests.

Yep, this bun in the oven business is the real deal–and not the deal Georgie and Jordan expected to walk into the day after returning from their honeymoon.

These two know blogging, books, and barbells. But in the impending parenthood department, they’re starting at square one. They know zero, zip, zilch, nada. To complicate matters more, Georgie will do anything to keep the news from her over-the-top socialite mother until she and Jordan get a handle on the situation.

From a revved up preggo-libido to a pregnancy blogging challenge, the couple is thrown for a loop when they dive headfirst into the Wild West of baby prep. Ready or not, a baby is coming. And Georgie and Jordan will be put to the test.

Could this be the ultimate challenge they never knew they needed? Maybe, baby! Georgie and Jordan’s story ends with a bang in Own the Eights Maybe Baby, the third and final book in the Own the Eights Series. While this book can be read as a standalone, the series follows Jordan and Georgie as they navigate the ups and downs of love with sizzling chemistry and witty banter.

Own the Eights (Book 1) Own the Eights Gets Married (Book 2) Own the Eights Maybe Baby (Book 3)

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If there’s one thing USA Today Bestselling Author Krista Sandor knows for sure, it’s that romance saved her.

After she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2015, her world turned upside down. During those difficult first days, her dear friend sent her a romance novel. That kind gesture provided the escape she needed and ignited her love of the genre.

Inspired by the strong heroines and happily ever afters, Krista decided to write her own romance novels. Today, she is an MS warrior and living life to the fullest. When she’s not writing, you can find her running 5Ks with her husband or chasing after her growing boys in Denver, Colorado.

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