July Reading Wrap Up

July was a really quick month that kind of took me by storm. After what I believe to be a “settling” into things in a newer routine, I finally found a little groove to our daily motions. It hasn’t been easy switching from being a full-time office worker and never being home, to being a stay-at-home / work from home mom to our three kids. My husband has done an amazing job over all these years shouldering some of this stress and now that I am home with them every day, I really see how much he was doing.

But I digress…

As I was saying, after finally settling in to these daily motions, life has calmed down and I was able to really get into reading a lot of the things I’ve wanted to read for some time. I found brand new authors that I had never heard of; I made some new friends in some of the groups I am in and it was overall a pretty fantastic month for just about everything.

In July I managed to read a total of 12 books! Now this doesn’t even count the ones I started and read several chapters of, but ones that I completely finished. That’s a pretty strong reading month for me. Never have I ever been able to say that I read that many books in ONE month!

A whole LOT of romance reading happened in July

July was magically filled with all different kinds of romance novels from dark romance to age gap romance and a lot of things in between. I like too many various sub-genres within the romance arena to narrow it down to anything specific, so I read what I love and then move on to the next one.

One of my newest favorite authors that I found in July is B. Celeste – you can see her book I read in the bottom right corner of the graphic above. It’s been a long time since I’ve come across an author that not only writes stories that move my heart and my mind, but does so in a writing style that moves me.

I’ve noticed this with a lot of writers of today – while they have great stories and I enjoy them all, their writing styles can be rushed, choppy and a bit broken up as they are trying to tell stories. But Barbara Celeste writes in that classical mannerism that reminds me of some of our favorite classical writers. I highly recommend picking up any of her books. While I read ‘Color Me Pretty‘ in July, I started two others of hers that I will finish in August.

July turned into a month of finding myself again. Transformative. Uplifting. Motivating.

I hope the month went well for all of you, too. Share with me in the comments below what you read, what you liked and what you didn’t!

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