Reviewing Snowlicious by Leigh Lavalle – Heart Bay Publishing – #snowlicious #netgalley @adventurenlit @leigh_lavalle


By Leigh LaValle
Published by Heart Bay Publishing

A Big thank you to Netgalley for providing me a copy in exchange for my honest review.

My Review:

Snowlicious was a quick read that hits all the major plot points. We follow Thea and Mike who have been friends since junior high. Mike turned into a jock and turned away from his friend Thea, while she grew up and married and then divorced. The two of them have become great friends again as adults, but that “friend zone” is becoming more difficult to maintain than either of them thought it would be.

LaValle does a fantastic job writing and presenting the intensity felt between Thea and Mike and I enjoyed her style of writing. While this story is an extremely quick read, we have the character tension, climax, plot twist and conclusion all in a days read! I think the complete brevity of the entire thing surprised me more than anything and with that it was well written. I would have liked to have a few additional hot scenes between them, but what was there was definitely worth the read.

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