Cover Reveal: Shadow & Crow (Silver & Bone #3) by Claudia Cain

Claudia Cain, author of the Silver & Bone series, revealed the latest cover for book #3 titled “Shadow & Crow”. The series follows vampire Jennifer Jones as she navigates the reality of being a vampire; trying not to kill humans, taking on immortal enemies, and in this third installment Jennifer seems to be challenged for time as she’s faced with a horrible curse.

I’ve always been a gushing fan of vampire novels. Anne Rice and her extensive vampire chronicles is what initially cemented my love for books. I’m looking forward to digging into this series and hope you will too!

Shadow & Crow

Releasing: July 13th, 2018

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing



Tick. Tock.

Jennifer Jones is no stranger to trouble. She’s been framed for murder, hunted by the government, and just stopped a sorcerer from summoning murderous entities. By now, trouble is an old friend.

But there is always something worse to come. Something smarter. Something darker.

For the first time in three hundred years, Jennifer might be outmatched.

And as shadows gather and events draw towards a cataclysmic close, she can’t ignore the curse that now plagues her – or the fact that she’s rapidly running out of time.

Connect with Claudia Cain

Claudia Cain Website

Instagram – @cainbooks



Claudia Cain


Claudia Cain

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